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Friday, November 6, 2009

I Don't Have Time....

Well, I am officially a dedicated blogger. As a marketing professional, I have suggested to many of my clients that they start an online presence with a simple blog that they update either daily or weekly.  After hearing so many excuses that they had no time, etc. I realized that it did me no good to tell them something I was not willing to do myself.   Let's talk about being too busy.

As a Business Owner or Entrepreneur, many times it is difficult to tell the difference from being fruitful and being just 'busy'. With all of the various meetings, conference calls, client billing, emails and phone calls to return. Where does the time go? I did an inventory on the things that zap away my time and... realized that I spent a lot of my time responding to emails. Solution? I turned off the sound for my outlook notification, and decided to check my email once in the morning, again after lunch and two hours before I complete my work for the day. I can already hear your shirt ripping and screams of blasphemy being shouted full blast :) It wasn't so bad after all! Many of the 12 alarm fires and dire emergencies I found in my inbox became a thing of the past. I still responded to my client questions in a timely manner, and things still got done with a bit more time to spare.

What are some of your time saving tips that can help others be more fruitful and productive with thier time? Please share, we would love to hear from you.

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