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Friday, November 20, 2009

"Just Do.....!"

Many of you can complete the simple phrase with the word "it". Whatever your ‘it’ may be, the iconic phrase has been on the lips of many for years. Just do it.

As quiet as it is kept, many entrepreneurs have been doing just that. They have been doing things that don't line up with their core values and objectives. No matter what the cost, they allow frustration and worry set them off into a panic of just doing anything.

Here are a few simple things you can do right now, that will help you find your center and keep it growing from there.

1. Know Your Why - Remember what catapulted you into business in the first place. The reason why you do what you do. Get back to the fundamentals of how you made the decision to be in the market place. Was it to help others solve their problems, make money to pay off bills, to live a lifestyle of comfort and freedom? Whatever the reason, keep it at the forefront of what you do.

2. Remain Focused - I can't tell you how many times my clients come to me with a new fangled way of doing something. One of my marketing mentors calls it the shiny object syndrome. Always trying something new and improved without proving that the old and reliable is all you needed in the first place. Stay focused on the basics. Remember you are not in a get rich quick scheme. This is your business, and it will take you taking the adequate time to learn what works for the group of clients you serve.

3. Get Global - When speaking of global, people think about the planet. Your business is the atmosphere you create. Make sure that everyone is speaking the same thing. Employees should know the core values and focus of the company. Customer Service, order fulfillment, products and services should be consistent across the board. Quickly address lapses and or problems that occur to make sure everyone is on the same page.

4. Offer What They 'Want' not 'Need' - I once asked one of my clients who her ideal client was. Her response was everybody! Although I could see her passion and enthusiasm, the truth is that not everyone wanted her product. They may have "needed" the financial services she offered, but the fact of the matter was that not everyone "wanted" it. There are people that will purchase a flat screen plasma television and they are in foreclosure. People will buy what they want and not necessarily need.

5. Target your Ideal Clients. Out of the clients you serve that raise their hands to say yes, I want what you have to offer, who among them are hyper sensitive to your products or service? Those are the individuals you want to pay special attention to. Get to know your clients, look among them and select the ones that are ideal to work with and for. What are their likes, dislikes? Where do they shop, play or live? Knowing these things will help you attract more ideal clients.

Deborah Anderson -Singleton helps small businesses attract, increase and maintain clientele.  She is the CEO of Vantage Marketing Group, LLC formerly known as DEA Communications, LLC.  Contact:

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