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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Breaking Through Opposition

I posted this blog post quite a while ago, I feel it is appropriate to share again. Hope this serves you!

break•through: 1 : an offensive thrust that penetrates and carries beyond a defensive line in warfare 2 : an act or instance of breaking through an obstacle. 3 a : a sudden advance especially in knowledge or technique b : a person's first notable success.

Pilots who flew in the earlier days of aviation would encounter great amounts of turbulence while flying at excessive speeds. The invisible "Devils Wall" had already killed several other pilots before 24 year old  Chuck Yeager pushed past the wall. The young pilot ignored the great destructive forces beating away at his craft and slammed the throttle forward!  He literally punched his way through the previously impenetrable barrier.

Afterwards he reported on the other side, that the flight returned to its routine smoothness.

Points to Ponder
What invisible barriers are pushing against your dream, vision, plan or purpose?  Will you allow it to stop you dead in your tracks? Will you let it kill your dream, demolish your plans? Murder your purpose? or will you push past the borders of normalcy and enter into notable success? 

Put it in Action
Take some time today and think back to something you may have encountered in your business or organzation that seem impossible to you.
  1. Write down the thing(s) you recognize that are hindrances to you moving forward. 
  2. Beside each item write. "We can and will do this" next to it. 
  3. Begin to visualize yourself accomplishing those things.  
  4. Start speaking to others about how you will meet your goal. 
  5. Find others who have already done what you are looking to accomplish and begin to surround yourself with people who are positive thinkers with a spirit of excellence. 
  6. Identify, suckers (time wasters and negative people) and sowers(positive people who add value to your life) and remove immediately.  
  7. Commit to do what's important to you FIRST.  Do what is necessary everyday to see this goal accomplished without excuses.
  8. Pay it forward! Adopt an abundance mindset, offer value to the lives of others.  Sow seeds of kindness, honor and respect.  It will come back to you multiplied!
 Let's finish 2014 strong!

Deborah Anderson -Singleton is a Business Growth Strategist who helps level the playing field for businesses owners.  She is the President and CEO of SureVantage Marketing Group, LLC  and published author.  For more information visit:

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